About us

Behind the original creation of exclusive jewelry line Antipearle, is the designer and photographer Markéta Dlouhá Márová. 
Her passion for aesthetics, fashion and diving converged in designing custom jewelry from carefully selected precious metals, and combining them with quality genuine pearls, offering jewelry of tradition, luxury and contemporary chic at the same time. Through the jewelry, which is on the edge of punk and luxury fashion, and is a kind of natural essence of forms and cycles, the designer pays tribute to the diversity of the underwater world.

In 2012, the brand Antipearle won a prestigious award form the editors of Designblok in the category of Jewelry, and the brand was nominated for the Czech Grand Design prize. These jewels are regularly featured in the Czech editions of fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Dolce Vita, InStyle, Elle and Luxury Guide.

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