Your jewelry requires proper care and maintenance to stay beautiful and clean. If you wear your jewelry often, it is important to have it cleaned from time to time to remove dust particles, sweat and other impurities. Moreover, we recommend having it professionally cleaned and polished once a year. 

It is not recommended you wear your jewelry while exercising, sleeping or any other activities that might endanger it - especially anything that involves water. Make sure to keep sharp or hard objects away as they might scratch your jewelry. This is especially true for gold- or ruthenium-plated pieces, which are also not suitable for daily wear as the plated layer might thin out. 

Silver jewelry might oxidize easily. We recommend using special cloths intended specifically for silver jewelry. Do not use these cloths on pearls. 

Gold-plated jewelry might occasionally turn slightly darker. This isn’t rust or any other defect, rather, it is a natural chemical reaction. During the manufacturing of gold, some silver is used throughout the process. When it comes in contact with sweat, the silver might turn slightly darker, which results in the whole piece of jewelry becoming darker. To make it shiny, you can use a cloth again. Do not clean gold- or ruthenium-plated jewelry any other way to prevent it from scratching, which is unfortunately irreversible. If you are unsure about cleaning your jewelry, make sure to have it cleaned professionally to receive the best possible result.


Pearls are the only organic precious stone in the world and require special care to keep them beautiful and maintain their longevity. Unlike other precious stones, pearls are more prone to scratching, breaking or other defects. Multiple factors that can affect their hues or colors come into play as well. Most notably, it is strong sunshine as well as artificial lightning or contact with perfumes, hair sprays, deodorants or other cosmetics that can negatively affect your pearl jewelry. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to apply your products before putting your jewelry on.

Care is of utmost importance, too. We recommend storing your pearl jewelry individually and at room temperature in a jewelry box. You can wipe your pearls with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning products on your pearls! If your pearls need to be cleaned thoroughly, make sure to have them cleaned professionally. 


Warranty period is 24 months.